Medical data systems overview

Business automation is great for helping managers cope with the management of the entire company, in making the right decisions, and in the management of staff, as well as relationships with partners and customers. Every business has its intricacies, so it pays to choose software carefully. In the case of medical clinics – there are special medical information systems and in this article, we will tell you about the best of them.

What tasks do MDS solve?

Usually, medical data systems consist of several blocks, and each block is responsible for automating various processes in a medical institution:

  • Maintaining a patient’s medical record electronically
  • Doctors’ and nurses’ workstations
  • Management and distribution of resources of a medical institution
  • Personnel management
  • Financial management

The main purpose of MDS is to create a single centralized database that will securely store all the information about the activities of the company. Log in to the system and the information is available to all personnel of the medical institution, which will allow you to perform your duties more effectively.

Other advantages of using MDS are:

  • Beneficial use of staff time and competence
  • Minimization of any errors due to the human factor
  • Improved quality of service and transparency of the system
  • Guaranteed data security, every employee has access to what he needs and nothing more

DrChrono Review

DrChrono is an inexpensive medical software. In addition, you will be able to choose your tariff depending on your financial capabilities and the features you need. With this software, you can use the calendar to make it easier to make appointments and check patient eligibility.

With the customizable interface, you can see an overview of transactions in the program, and there are no additional fees for learning and incorporating it into the system. This MDS has an intuitive system where everything you need is in one place. 

AdvancedMD Review

AdvancedMD has many advanced features including an excellent EMR system. The company also has hundreds of integrations with laboratories, pharmacies, and other hospitals. But it will also come at a correspondingly higher price, particularly because it requires additional fees for advanced reporting and telemedicine.

But even the standard package of this MDS provides quite a lot of features, and the company offers individualized support during the implementation of the program in your system. 

  • In 2021, the company released some updates that include:
  • The function that automates the authorization process
  • Color scale to indicate patient inactivity
  • EHR record status will now be displayed in the schedule

Greenway Health Review

The main features of this software:

    • An easy interface that helps any user adapt quickly
    • It offers several ways to solve the same problem and you can customize the software to suit you and your workflow
    • High price, but no implementation or training fees
    • Includes payment for advanced features every month