Board Software Reviews & Comparisons | Board of Directors

Digital transformation is driving changes in the organizational structure of corporations. This article will explain the role of board software for corporate governance and will review the best provider in this sector. 

The board software: how to make the board of directors digital?

Effective corporate governance plays a vital role in the organization’s activities, prosperous, sustainable development, risk management, and the balance of rights and interests of owners, management, and other stakeholders. As a key element of corporate governance, the board of directors determines the strategic directions of the financial organization’s activities and acts as a kind of guarantor of the balance of interests of management, owners, and other stakeholders. Accordingly, members of the board of directors of the organization should take care to ensure the reliability and stability of the organization’s activities, focus on its sustainable long-term development, facilitate the adoption of balanced management decisions by management, and carry out timely identification of risks, including an assessment of the possible consequences of their implementation.

The ongoing digital transformation of organizations new challenges for businesses. Previously, boards of directors and company management could delegate or neglect digital transformation and ICT governance decisions. But today, it is an obligatory element for efficient corporate governance. Therefore, the board of directors implements board software solutions into their daily activity. 

The board portal is a cloud-based workspace for better virtual collaboration and secure storage for business-critical data. The use of templates for minutes and other documents makes it possible to bring the documentary base of meetings to uniformity, reduce the time for preparing documents, and improve the quality of their completion. Minutes of online and offline meetings are formed according to the same principles; there are no cardinal differences. In both cases, half of the success depends on how carefully the preparation is carried out. In the company, before the start of the meeting, participants are sent an invitation, a list of those present, and an agenda for the meeting in advance to do it.

Boardable – an excellent solution for the efficient board of directors

According to the board software comparisons, Boardable has a leading position in the IT marketplace. The use of the Boardable portal can significantly simplify the organization and holding of boards of directors and meetings of other CEOs, providing a fundamentally new level of ease of communication, approvals, decision-making, and control over their execution. 

The board portal enables the following capabilities for its users:

  • You can quickly manage your tasks and projects with the task manager. During and between meetings, you can create, assign, and manage activity items. It ensures that tasks are completed using intelligent reports.

  • You can keep the conversation going by sharing interesting articles and content, downloading presentations, or scheduling events with a single click. Besides, you can create polls to get everyone involved. With Boardable’s board meeting software, you can easily manage your board team.

  • The document center connects all your whiteboard documents in one place. You avoid the clutter and hassle of email attachments by quickly organizing and distributing paperless documents.

  • Boardable Spotlight provides the tools you need to connect with others globally, collaborate effortlessly, and make decisions about documents in one place.

  • Meeting scheduling automation not only saves time it also frees up the attention of the board of directors so everyone can focus on corporate governance, strategy, and other aspects of your mission.