Best video conferencing software

Meetings via videoconferencing are quite common because they began to practice this relatively long ago. Many companies use this format of the conference when there is no need to go anywhere, it saves time and effort. But as you know, the real demand for videoconferencing began in 2020 due to the outbreak of the pandemic, which forced people to do all things remotely. But that’s not a bad thing either, as long as you use a quality video conferencing program of course. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best ones.

Mind Review

First on our list of the best call tools is Mind – this program has many useful features and provides the best solutions for organizing video calls and organizing group work. Providers offer a free version of the application so that you can appreciate it. 

Key features: 

  • The company offers a choice of rates. The most minimal plan includes a maximum of 25 participants, HD quality of communication, and a call recording length of 4 hours. The maximal rate includes up to 500 participants, 4K call quality, and a lot more
  • Guaranteed protection of confidential data
  • No limit on the number of conferences held per day
  • Considerable economy, because inactive rooms do not consume resources
  • Any screen sharing function, joining other group chats, and receiving and sending names

TrueConf Review

TrueConf offers several solutions for its customers. The program has a free version, a corporate network, and the ability to create video conferences over the Internet. A special feature is that the provider guarantees 4k call quality, and for large companies, there is an opportunity to connect up to 1000 people simultaneously! 

The advantages of the program can also include: 

  • A large number of participants in the conference
  • Each participant has access to every chat, file exchange, and demonstration screen. As well as access to someone else’s screen and the opportunity to speak on the online “podium”
  • Calls can be made to landlines

Zoom Review

The popularity of this app has grown simply by leaps and bounds since the coronavirus began. It is possible to explain the popularity of this particular software by the fact that the developers caught up in time and understood what people need right now. Therefore, they have introduced unlimited call time for schools in the United States, Japan, China, and Italy, as well as in this program can show webinars and presentations. Even owners of the free version can use multiple features, so it’s not for nothing that this platform is the most popular for 2020-2021.  

Skype for business

Good old Skype has an extended version for business in its arsenal. Its main features are: 

    • Number of conference participants up to 250 people
    • It is possible to make phone calls
    • There is a function of a demonstration screen
    • Because of Microsoft integration with other applications, it expands the possibilities of its use